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About عائلات دير القاسي
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

قررت عائله الصادق استضافه باقي عوائل دير القاسي في ٢٠ يونيو ٢٠١٥، و خاصه ان صله الرحم تربطهم كثيرا. بعد ثمان سنوات كموقع "عائله الصادق و اقربائهم" ب ٢،٨٠٠ اسم، تم 
تعديل وصف الموقع الى "عائلات دير القاسى" و لكن للاسف لا نستطيع تغير الرابط. 
 ارجو المعذره عن عدم استعمال "ال" التعريف في شجره العائلات، و الا لن تستطيعوا البحث عن اسم اي عائله بسهوله، حيث سيكون كلهم يبدأوا ب "ال"، او "آل" بينما بدون "ال"، تسطيع 
ايجاد الاسم بسرعه.
بداء هذا العمل المرحوم خالد احمد الصادق عام 1990 فى حفل العيد المعتاد فى منزله فى الكويت 
واستكمله ابنه مازن خالد الصادق فى حفل العيد في منزله فى دبي عام 2007, وتم وضعها على الانترنيت 
بمساعده فراس حكمت الصادق واولاد احمد عبدالله الصادق: محمد, مازن و مروان

(English Version of the Family Tree is available with a link below)

Al Sadeq family decided on June 20, 2015 to sponsor adding Deir Qasi families with so much family links already between them. 
After 8 years as "Sadeq and Relatives" with 2,800 names, the description of the site was changed to "Deir Qasi Families", but 
unfortunately the www. link cannot be changed.  Sorry all family names without "Al" as otherwise you cannot find names quickly as 
all of them would start with the same "ال"

This effort started in 1990 in Late Khalid Ahmad Sadiq home in Kuwait at his regular Eid 
celebration gathering, and was completed by his son Mazin Khalid Sadiq at his Dubai home Eid 
gathering in 2007 and placed on the internet with the help of Firas Hikmat Sadiq, and sons of 
Ahmed Abdullah Sadek - Mohamad, Mazin, and Marwan

 دير القاسي or دير القاسى, District of Acre, Palestine.  The name is written in english in many ways: Dayr al Qasi, Dayr al-Qassi, Deir Qasi, 
Deir el-Qasi, and Deir El Kasi.

We had some recent family pictures that we decided to remove and limit to old pictures.  Instead, we
have provided Facebook page addresses that provide you with updated public information and pictures
on each person, whenever we were able to identify the person's Facebook page.

Please use Guest Book Tap above to send emails with any updates, corrections, and additions.  Your 
help with info on your direct relatives will ensure great family tree for all.

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